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Quality is at the core of Flexible Surface Technology’s business philosophy with a total focus on process control, ensuring that all your products meet not only the technical specification but also the environmental regulations. All operatives are trained by our own chemists in all laboratory procedures and understand how to monitor and manage every process, every step of the way. Within the in house laboratory we have the equipment to ensure that we meet the high standards we set ourselves, with an X-Ray NDT capability to check every batch.

We are proud to have won supplier of the year from Draeger, who is a world leader in the manufacture of breathing apparatus. There is no room for error in their business and that is why they rely on FST to deliver the standards they demand.



X-Ray NDT Testing

X-Ray NDT Testing

BS EN ISO 9001 : 2008
Supplier of the year award 2005

Supplier of the Year


9001 : 2015
14001 : 2015
In House Laboratory

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