Flexible Surface Technology ..offering industry a complete manufacturing solution
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Sub Contract Engineering
Offering a wide range of finishes on all types of material in whatever quantity the customer needs.

Front panels, RFI cases, connectors, brackets, subracks, enclosures.

Valve bodies, machined parts, presses parts, laser mounting blocks, breathing aperatus, blood transfusion equipment, heat sinks, test heads and instrument enclosures.

Defence standard cases, brackets, Night Vision mounting systems, turned and milled connectors plus heatsinks.

Pump flanges, shafts, pins, stand offs, fixings and  assemblies.

Industrial Controls & Instrumentation
Parts for air conditioning systems, thermostats, lighting, motors, test equipment and inverters.

Parts used in fuel injection valve pins, actuator bodies, fuel rail valves, cooler tubes, turbo charger parts, hydraulic motor seals, chassis components, adaptor plates and ECU bodies.

Other Markets include
Offshore, oil and gas, ship building, leisure and wind power.

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