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New Electrophoretic Painting
When Corrosion Protection Matters

FST have installed Scotland’s only E-Coat Plant.  The following points will give you an insight and understanding of this process:

E-Coat is simply the most cost effective way of delivering a high level of corrosion resistance across a range and variety of parts.

It combines high corrosion resistance coupled with an excellent aesthetic appearance.  Testing shows E-coat to be “neutral” after 1000 hours of salt spray testing.

The principal benefit of E-coat is that it is able to provide a uniform coating over the entire component, even on the most complex of shapes – where other processes, such as powder or zinc plating, can be somewhat limited by the parts complexity and form.

It is almost becoming a standard in the automative industry where corrosion prevention is a key demand.  If you need to provide a warranty for corrosion on your parts,  you need to understand what E-coat could do for you.

E-coat is a low cost treatment that with FST offers the opportunity for a quick turn around on any volume from an environmentally capable process.


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