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Zinc Plating - clear and colour

Fully automated rack zinc, trivalent passivation for both colour and clear on mild steel.
Envelope size of 3000 x 1500 x 450 with a weight limitation of 300kgs per flight bar.
Semi automatic barrel zinc, trivalent passivation for colour,clear and black.


Scotlands first E-Coat plant - for detailed insight see news page.

Electroless Nickel

Fully automated electroless nickel line with auto dosing.
Suitable for mild steel, stainless steel, brass and aluminium components.
Envelope size of 2750 x 1250 x 400 with a weight limitation of 300kgs per flight bar.

Bright Nickel

Available for use mainly as a pre treatment.

Hard Anodising

From one off engineering specials to high volume automotive parts FST have a range of baths
capable of delivering an exact annodic thickness typically between 35 and 40 microns, with various sealing methods.

Anodising (sulphuric)

Range of parts only matched by the colours that are possible. From medical to telecom, through defence back to the leisure market.

Anodising  (chromic acid)

Developed for the MOD, specifically for castings.

Surtech 650 conversion coating (RoSH compliant "alochrom")

This is the RoSH option for compliant alochrom. FST can support low through to high volume utilisng both manual and automatic lines.

Alochrom 1000 - clear chromate conversion

Available specifically for non RoSH applications, mainly defence.

Alochrom 1200 - yellow chromate conversion

Available specifically for non RoSH applications, mainly defence.


Fully automatic silver line with vacume drying available for high volume.
Rack and barrel silver mainly for brass and copper.

Bright Tin 

Semi Automatic process for copper, mild steel and brass parts.


Automatic process developed by FST personnel to provide an alternative to elctroless nickel. Contains zinc, tin and copper  - being used where parts are handled on a regular basis.

Bright Chrome

Low volume specalist industrial components only.

Zinc and Maganese Phosphate

Rack and barrel capability for coating and pre-treatment of mild steel.

Black Nickel

Low volume specalist applications used mostly on stainless steel.


Low to mid volume capability used as both a pre-treatment and a finish.

Chemical Cleaning to Medical Standards

Automated Nitric passivation of stainless steel to medical standard.

Specialist Defence Coatings

FST have a dedicated area to support MOD requirement for both refurbishment and new parts.
FST support everything from individual processes to complex selective and compound systems.

Vacqua Blasting

Enclosed aluminium oxide blasting cabinet, mainly for aluminium.
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